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The best tennis players in the world – a list of 5 players – legendary players in tennis. World champions – a list of famous tennis players

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Tennis is one of the most popular modern sports. Unlike team competitions, tennis tournaments feature singles players whose actions cannot get lost in the background of other athletes.

That means a tennis player can only rely on his own strength and he has to give it his all if he wants to be the best.

The most famous tennis players of the world rose to the heights of their success, thanks to their incredible determination and iron will to win. Their names today are known even to people far from sports.

The top 5 tennis players of the world include athletes who have already finished their careers and continue to participate in tournaments. The list of famous tennis players is as follows:

Famous Tennis Players of the World

Novak Djokovic

Famous tennis players of the world: DjokovicThe sports career of the legendary Serbian tennis player started at the age of four. In 2003, the athlete began to participate in adult tournaments. Among Djokovic’s high-profile victories are the AustralianOpen in 2008, 2011 and 2015, a triumph at the Wimbledon finals and the U.S. Open. The magnificent Serb has 10 Grand Slam victories to his credit, and that is not the end of his brilliant careeer.

Famous Tennis Players of the World

Serena Williams

The youngest of the Williams sisters, Serena is successfully continuing her outstanding career, with 21 GrandSlam victories as major milestones. The world champions of tennis can be proud to have such a titled athlete among their ranks.

Famous Tennis Players of the World

Rafael Nadal

The parents of the young Mallorca native could not even have imagined that their son would receive the title of “King of the Ground” in the future. The temperamental Spaniard was fond of tennis since childhood, and at the age of 8 he won his first victory in the Spanish Championships. Olympic gold in Beijing, victories at Roland Garros, Davis Cup and Masters Cup tournaments earned Nadal the title of one of the best racquets in the world. The only holder of a Red Slam, Rafael Nadal confidently continues his way up the career ladder.

Famous Tennis Players of the World
Bjorn Borg

The most decorated Swedish tennis player. A five-time winner at Roland Garros, Bjorn has also won five straight Wimbledon titles. Bjorn’s weakness was the hard court, but he was almost unstoppable on clay and grass.

Famous Tennis Players of the World
Andre Agassi

The rivalry between Agassi and Sampras has always been in the spotlight for all tennis fans. The American legend has won 10 Grand Slam tournaments, the Olympic gold in 1996 and many other important titles. For 16 seasons, Agassi stayed in the top 5, earning him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.
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