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Grand tennis is among the most popular sports for betting. Despite the fact that there are no draws, in other words, only two outcomes are possible, it is not always easy to predict the winner of the match

The main types of tennis betting

The depth of betting on tennis matches depends on the status of the tournament. Even in local tournaments the top bookmakers offer to bet on the winner of the meeting, the handicap, game or set totals, and the exact score. These are all standard betting markets that we have already told you about before.

Also bookmakers offer to bet on the following markets:
Double errors – situations in which the serving tennis player fails to serve twice in a row.
Aces – serves in which the opponent does not have time to touch the ball.
Breaks – Wins on another player’s serve.
Break-ups are extra games to determine the winner of a set, which are played when each player wins six games.
Each of the above tennis marquees can be general and individual, for the whole match or a particular set.

In-play tennis betting

Many professional bettors prefer to bet on tennis matches during the match. This allows you to assess the current strength of the opponents, watch the course of the match live and, taking into account the pre-match analysis, conclude a plus bet with the bookmaker.

In tennis betting live there is one major disadvantage – the high speed of changing odds and closing certain markets. In this case, some bookmakers provide broadcasts of the game with a delay of several seconds.

Pre-match analytics

In any sport, no matter if it is tennis, soccer, hockey, basketball or martial arts, it is important to approach the choice of event and potential outcome competently.


To determine a player’s current form, watching 2-3 of each tennis player’s last matches will be enough. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account how long ago these matches were played.

Tennis Player Statistics

In addition to the results of recent games, it is important to analyze the percentage ratio of winning and losing on the first and second serves. It is also necessary to look at the statistics of games on your own serve. This is especially relevant when betting on a weaker player. Taking into account these indicators will help determine the ability and duration of opposition to the favorite.


In individual sports, special attention should be paid to the “convenience” of the opponent. Often even the top tennis players have a hard time in a match with a representative of the lower ranking. The style of play, forehand, serve, average number of errors, etc. should be taken into account.

Court surface

The type of court surface determines the bounce rate. For example, on clay the ball bounces high and slowly, which slightly negates the importance of serving and increases match time. On clay, the more technical and emotionally balanced players have the advantage. On grass, a low, fast bounce means that players with a solid serve and quick feet to the net have a nominal advantage. Hard is another type of hard surface, which is characterized by a fast bounce of the ball. But not as fast as on grass. Some tournaments are held on carpet courts, such as the Kremlin Cup. As a rule, the surface is softer than on hard courts, which means the speed of play is slower.


The support on the stands, a potential upgrade in the rankings, making it to the finals, impressive winnings – all these things make a tennis player run faster to the net, reach for the ball. All other things being equal, the degree of motivation is decisive in determining the outcome.

Professional tennis players are awarded a certain number of personal rating points for each successful performance at a tournament. A high ranking position gives a player the status of a seeded player, which makes it easier for them to move up the grid in a specific tournament.


Professional tennis players are awarded a certain number of personal rating points for each successful performance at a tournament. A high ranking position gives a player the status of a seeded player, which makes it easier for them to move up the grid in a specific tournament.

Tennis Betting Strategies

It is impossible to win at tennis betting without an efficient strategy. There are many working algorithms to determine the most passable outcome. However, before placing bets for real money, it is not unreasonable to test your chosen strategy with a demo account or simply record the results in an Excel spreadsheet.

Playing on a tie-break

As already mentioned in the video, on fast courts and in the game of equal strength tennis players often there is an additional shortened game – a time-break. If one of the athletes has a stronger serve, it is logical to assume his victory.

Advantages and disadvantages of tennis betting

The advantages of betting on tennis matches should include:

  • The multitude of tournaments and the regularity of the tournaments. There is only one big break in tennis – at the beginning of the calendar year. But even in those couple of weeks there are several mid-level tournaments that you can bet on.
  • Availability of information for analysis. It is not a problem to look at the last games of tennis players, their current ranking, history of face-to-face encounters.
  • Relative ease of analysis. In contrast to team sports, the individual performance of a single athlete is easier to analyze. It should be taken into account that the psychological state of a tennis player or his motivation level is known only on the court, and there are no substitutions as in team sports.
    Widespread in BK. Betting on tennis is one of the top 3 most popular sports in betting. Bookmakers offer not only basic marquets, but also betting on statistics, double outcomes.

If we talk about the disadvantages of betting on tennis tournaments, it should be noted:

  • The high dependence on weather conditions. A bet can “hang up” for a few days, until the end of a rainstorm in a conventional Birmingham.
  • The traction of sneakers with the grass surface after the rain is significantly worse.
  • The start time shifts.
    In addition to shifting the start, it is not uncommon for the sport to experience game postponements. Injury and many other reasons can interfere with the competition, and when bets are already placed, you have to wait a long time.
    Although tennis is one of the most popular sports, it is more difficult to collect information about it than about soccer. For soccer bets there are even separate sites with useful data and statistics, but I have not come across such sites for tennis.