Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Modern people have different ideas about religion. So we can relate this to sources of information and the abundance of information. Because you can easily find thousands of different versions of information on the Internet, such as religion, Islam, terrorism, extremism, radical movements. In addition, experts from mosques and special government agencies dealing with religious issues preach all the time. Unfortunately, representatives of non-traditional religions also take advantage of freedom of information, conduct secret actions and spread distorted information in the country. It distorts Islam and denies some Shariah principles and our traditions. For example, Jehovah’s Witnesses consider vaccinations, blood transfusions, military service, hymn singing, and birthday celebrations illegal. Seventh-day Adventists do not send their children to school on Saturdays without cooking. As a result of the propaganda work of such sects, there are misconceptions that “the bride is forbidden to say hello, Shariah forbids listening to music, and forbids kissing the face after prayer.” People are even skeptical of any of our traditions. In other words, they wondered if it was haram or contrary to Shariah. In recent years, especially among young people, betting on sports is illegal under Sharia law, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The emergence of betting

This profession originated in the days of the ancient Roman Empire. Initially, betting was limited to horse racing and martial arts. Later, bullfighting, dogfighting and cockfighting were added to the game. For example from the twentieth century onward, betting on any sport began. The bookmaking business came to our country in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Experts tell us that this profession came from UK. Some bookmakers have a special place in world sports. In turbulent competitions such as the World Cup and the Olympics, their predictions and estimates are taken into account. There have even been high-profile scandals involving bookmakers in world sports. In sports such as tennis, soccer and boxing, bookmakers have been directly involved in the fate of sports games by colluding with famous athletes. It is well known how many people have suffered from the “winter of fingers. For example today, in Muslim countries people do not go to betting shops. Now there are bookmaker offices in major cities. All of them place bets on various world-class competitions. Not only sports fans, but also those who want to win easily are among those who predict the victory of a team or player in sports games and bet a certain amount of money. According to some estimates, more than a thousand people bet in a single day at the office. According to them, if you follow the news of the sports world and know who the athlete is at what level, your predictions will not change. That is, you will have money. There are those who believe that this is not a simple achievement, but a payment for their knowledge. The goal of all players participating in the game is to win. It is known that only one person will be awarded the prize. Losers, on the other hand, become angry, intoxicated with satanic temptations, and indulge in all kinds of evil thoughts. “The loser is not fed up with the struggle,” he said. However, on the way to victory, under the influence of the devil, he puts everything in his pocket, or borrows, and as a result loses again. In the end, he himself becomes immoral, embarrasses his family and friends, starves and degrades. What about the winner? Unsatisfied with the money he has won, he continues to be seduced by Satan’s dirty methods to increase his wealth. “A calf is born of a calf”-by the way, One day the loss will be enough. The result is the same as mentioned above. Gambling also fills society with lazy, lazy, conscientious sellers who forget about themselves, their family, their surroundings and their religion.